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Posters for 2022 RiverJam and Fringe Fest hang in the Community board at McArthur Library.

The Progress Pride flag was raised to honor Pride Month 2022 in the city of Biddeford. It flew at City Hall for the month of June.


In March 2022 the Omicron variant surge continues to decline, and the CDC issues new guidance on masking recommendations, depending on the conditions in the area. This "News Flash" from the City of Biddeford website indicates current masking…

During the Omicron variant surge during the winter of 2021-2022, the city issued a proclamation urging residents to wear masks in support of local businesses and to help keep the community safe.

Post 2nd vac waiting area Scarborough Downs(1).wav
These are the sounds at the Scarborough Downs vaccination center after I got my second shot. The place was extremely quiet and there were very few people there, my appointment was one of the last of the day. It was a very different vibe than when I…

Post V. Covid vac waiting area 4-10-21(1).wav
This is the sound of the post-vaccination waiting area at Scarborough Downs vaccination center. It was after my first shot, which happened during the late morning, and the place was very busy.

The sharp sounds you hear are me reading through the…

This is one of the treat bags given out by Heart of Biddeford and the city during the Creepy Crawl. Instead of the Downtown Trick or Treat, the Creepy Crawl was a drive-through event in which kids could get dressed up and drive through a bunch of…

The Strong Women of Maine by Kate Kennedy
Author, teacher and Maine resident, Kate Kennedy talks about the. strong, remarkable women of the State of Maine who have accomplished so much in their lives, women such as Toy Len Goon of Portland, Maine who was crowned America's Mother of the Year…

One year later, and I’m still working from home most of the time, my “temporary” home office feels permanent. A file I expected to only include one year now spans two. One of my kids is starting 5 days a week school starting next week, though it is…
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