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Help us document life in Biddeford during the COVID-19 pandemic by submitting your stories, images, oral history interviews, and videos to the Biddeford COVID-19 Community Archive.

We welcome anything created by you including audio or video diaries, journal entries, letters, photographs, drawings, personal recollections, and interviews with friends and family.

All donations will become property of the Biddeford COVID-19 Community Archive, and will be housed in the collections of either the Biddeford Cultural and Heritage Center, the Biddeford Historical Society, or the McArthur Public Library (to be determined on an item-by-item basis by the Archive partners, except Oral Histories which will all become part of the BCHC's Voices of Biddeford project.)

Click here to submit a text-based story or upload an image, oral history interview, video, or audio recording.

If you prefer to share your story by phone or email, or need help in order to participate, please contact us and one of our project partners will get in touch!