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Virtual Fireworks 2020

4th of July 2020

A moment of escape


Only 7 miles away from our home, but a walk at Timber Point is a wonderful escape for our housebound family -without even leaving town.

Community On Hold

Community Bulletin Board Winter 2020.jpg

Our community bulletin board, usually a veritably packed space of real estate advertising a wide range of events and programs, shows flyers with dates…

Frozen in Time

Childrens Room Bulletin Board Winter 2020.jpg

Our seasonal bulletin board (with a 'Counting Birds' theme) in our Children's Room @ McArthur Library remains stuck in the snow even in June 2020 as…

Your Teachers Miss You


This sweet banner, reminds Biddeford kids that "Your Teachers Miss You, Be Well" with tiger paws (Tiger Pride!). It hangs on the fence at St. Louis…