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Masking Guidance Changing in March 2022


In March 2022 the Omicron variant surge continues to decline, and the CDC issues new guidance on masking recommendations, depending on the conditions…

Masking Proclamation from January 2022


During the Omicron variant surge during the winter of 2021-2022, the city issued a proclamation urging residents to wear masks in support of local…

Sounds of vaccination waiting area at Scarborough Downs, on a "quiet" day

Post 2nd vac waiting area Scarborough Downs(1).wav

These are the sounds at the Scarborough Downs vaccination center after I got my second shot. The place was extremely quiet and there were very few…

Sounds of the Scarborough Downs post-vaccination waiting area (Busy)

Post V. Covid vac waiting area 4-10-21(1).wav

This is the sound of the post-vaccination waiting area at Scarborough Downs vaccination center. It was after my first shot, which happened during the…