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A Hands-on workshop, Covid style


Biddeford Historical Society hosted a cemetery stone cleaning and repair workshop, and here are the attendees learning and listening in a physically…

Virtual Fireworks 2020

4th of July 2020

A moment of escape


Only 7 miles away from our home, but a walk at Timber Point is a wonderful escape for our housebound family -without even leaving town.

Community On Hold

Community Bulletin Board Winter 2020.jpg

Our community bulletin board, usually a veritably packed space of real estate advertising a wide range of events and programs, shows flyers with dates…

Frozen in Time

Childrens Room Bulletin Board Winter 2020.jpg

Our seasonal bulletin board (with a 'Counting Birds' theme) in our Children's Room @ McArthur Library remains stuck in the snow even in June 2020 as…