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Mask Wearing FAQ from City of Biddeford and Heart of Biddeford


This informational website, put together by the City of Biddeford and Heart of Biddeford, is all about mask wearing. This is a screen grab of the…

City of Biddeford response to Covid, October 2020


This is the city of Biddeford's Covid proceedures as of October 2020. It includes a comprehensive list of how city departments have changed in…

Engine Full Steam Ahead Gala


Biddeford's main arts organization, Engine, is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year. This gala is to celebrate not only that anniversary but…

Elements in the time of Covid


Elements is one of the original small businesses that ushered in Biddeford's revitalization and ongoing transformation. This beloved…

Fall into Wellness Biddeford


The Heart of Biddeford teamed up with local wellness businesses to provide a week of activities to promote health, wellness and self-care. This is a…