RiverJam and Fringe Festival posters at the library
McArthur Library Archives and Special Collections, 8/19/2022
In support of flying the Pride Flag
Danie Fortin, she/her
Masking Guidance Changing in March 2022
City of Biddeford , March 2, 2022
Masking Proclamation from January 2022
Biddeford City Council and Mayor, January 18, 2022
HoB Creepy Crawl 2020 Halloween treat bag
Heart of Biddeford, City of Biddeford, October 2020
The Strong Women of Maine by Kate Kennedy
Biddeford Cultural and Heritage Center, March 20, 2021
One Year Later
Renee DesRoberts, March 2, 2021
The Fortress (Let It Fall)
Delilah Poupore, Biddeford resident, March 29, 2020
City Theater's 2020 holiday show: "Home for the Holidays"
City Theater Associates, December 2020
McArthur Library Autumn 2020 Update
McArthur Library , October/November 2020
McArthur Library December 2020 calendar
McArthur Library , December 2020
McArthur Library November 2020 calendar
McArthur Library , November 2020
Superintendent's Update, October 2020
Biddeford Superintendent of Schools, October 2020